"Prevent the worst and Put safety first, because being Safe today will keep you Alive tomorrow."

SRTS is a BEE company that was founded in 2012. Our founder who comes from the Aviation industry which is built with safety as a foundational belief, realised that other industries would benefit from the wealth of knowledge and expertise that could be shared in the fields of Safety Management, Quality Management and Risk Management.

Through research and analysis of a number of incidents that could have been avoided in South Africa in recent years, SRTS has been launched as a company that would partner with its clients and assist in ingraining safety cultures into their organisations. SRTS has successfully formulated and designed learning principles and philosophies to aid employers to achieve better efficiency from employees through direct and indirect involvement and in so doing, create a safer working environment.

Our holistic approach to safety and quality practices ensures that no person within any company who partners with us is left without reason as to their existence within the organisation. This can best be illustrated in our approach depicted as follows:

This detailed approach will help personnel of all designations; cultural and ethnical backgrounds of companies clearly understand their workplaces better and equip them in their personal lives. This thinking helps unlock workplace efficiency and both employers and employees  and their understanding of the world as a set of related systems, and in particular through the linking of Education, Training, Development and practice within the workplace.


Gregory Wayne Asaram
Managing Director

Gregory Wayne Asaram started out his career at South African Airways Technical in 1994 as an Aircraft Composite Technician. All of his experience in Aviation and Engineering has involved Occupational Health and Safety practices, Safety Management, Quality Management and Training to some degree.

Wayne has the ability to get along well with people and has a practical approach in handing over skills and information to his colleagues, client and learners. At SRTS, he is known to be the architect of not only constructing the foundational basis for both Quality and Safety, but having the capability to deliver the training as well in the various specialized fields.

In recent years, Wayne has specialized in the implementation of Quality Management Systems and Safety Management Systems in Aviation and the setting up of Airline Operations in both South Africa and Africa.

Amongst his qualification as an Assessor/ Moderator and Auditor, he currently carries a technical diploma qualification as an aviation artisan, a certificate in Project Management, a National Diploma in Education Training and Development and is currently studying towards his BTech in Safety and Quality.

Wayne has also pursued knowledge in the fields of first-year psychology at UNISA and is clearly of the belief that workplace efficiency can be achieved by employers and employees and their understanding of the world as a set of related systems.

Patricia Mandleni
Specialist Consultant

Patricia helps companies develop, implement and maintain Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (HSMS) and Environmental Management Systems (EMS).

With over 10 years’ experience in the work environment of which over 6 are attributable to the SHE field; Patricia has developed practical systems based on ISO 14001 AND OHSAS 18001. Patricia’s approach is to bring simple and smart solutions to organizations’ health, safety and environmental challenges by integrating the system to the origination’s culture; using minimum resources and within budget. Her approach ensures the system will remain sustainable and the organization realizes results timeously. Patricia’s main focus is to ensure that the system is in line with the organization’s strategic goals, ensures compliance and the outcome contributes to the triple bottom-line principle.

Patricia holds a qualification in B-Tech: Safety Management, certification of a Programme in TQM and other certification in occupational hygiene, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Colin Visser
Specialist Consultant

Colin started his career in aviation in 1979 in South African Airways. After qualifying as an artisan in Aircraft Mechanical, he spent a number of years in the Aircraft Overhaul environment.

Apart from his technical qualification Colin has always had a passion for teaching and moved into the Technical Training Department to be able to fulfill his dream. He was involved in apprentice and regulatory training for a number of years. During this time he implemented Documentation Training, Human Factors Training and FAA, JAA and SA CAA Training within SAAT. Later he moved into the Quality Assurance and Safety related field of operation and training.

From here he advanced to management of training and upon his departure from SAAT was the Accountable Manager for SAA Technical Training. Colin’s main area of expertise in recent years has been focused on establishing and maintaining MRO capabilities within the aviation industry as well as assisting local and foreign Airline Operators with aircraft related regulatory compliance.

He has consulted to companies in Africa and the Middle East. Among Colin’s many qualifications, he holds a diploma in Human Resource Management, a Higher Diploma in Post School Education, TNTB Instructor in the trade of Aircraft Mechanic, TETA Trade Test Officer, as well as qualifications as an Assessor and Moderator.

He has attended a number of aviation regulatory courses in the United Kingdom and an aviation seminar in the USA.


"Concern for man himself and his safety must always for the chief interest of all technical endeavors."
Albert Einstein


• Implementation and Management of Quality Management Systems in line with ISO9001 principles
• Drafting of Company Policies and Procedures
• Compilation of audit programs
• Scheduling and Conducting of Internal Audits


• Development of Health, Safety and Environmental Systems
• Development of Safety and Legal Registers
• On-site and facility health and safety inspections and reports
• Project specific safety plans and support in adherence to these plans
• Health, Hazard + Safety Risk Assessments (Baseline, Interval + Continuous)
• Environmental Impact Assessments
• Emergency Procedures and Fire Safety Plans
• Evaluation and control of Occupational Hygiene in the workplace
• Safety and Compliance audits
• System Audits
• Accident and Incident investigation

We specialize in the development of OHSAS18001 and ISO 14001 Management systems.


• On or off-site Occupational Health and Safety Training
• Industry/ Company Specific Training Gap Analysis
• On site Company Indoctrination Training
• Training Curriculum Design and Development

"Safety is the most productive business"

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